About 2S TIME




2S Time was born in 2003 as an online shop selling wrist watches of the best Japanese brands (SEIKO, CASIO, CITIZEN). Our hallmark is the possibility of having very rare models in the catalog, difficult to find at European level.

Over the years we have expanded the offer of the Watch Brands, adding niche products highly sought after by the lovers of this fantastic accessory.

In September 2014, thanks to a trip to New York, we discovered Funko POP! and after 6 months it was decided to also include the Collectible Toys category in our shop. Collectible Toys all’interno del nostro shop.

Our sales also take place through the Amazon and Ebay platforms for direct sales to our customers. The Ebay store has generated more than 20 thousand sales over the years

Thanks to the creation of 2 YouTube channels dedicated to each single product category, we are able to provide more details on our products for sale; another added value for our customers 🙂

Wristwatches YouTube Channel 2S TIME

Collectibel Toys YouTube Channel TANDEM