Legal Notes

Access to the pages of the website owned by 2S TIME from here on, simply called 2stime, for the user who accesses it, presupposes acceptance of the following conditions.


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In no case 2stime is responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that results from the use by third parties of the information contained on this site. Furthermore, no responsibility is assumed in relation to any contamination deriving from access, interconnection, downloading of material and IT programs from this site. Therefore 2stime will not be held for any reason to answer for damages, losses, prejudices of any kind that third parties may suffer due to the contact with this site, or following the use of what is published in the same as well as the software used .
Nessuna responsabilità viene inoltre assunta in relazione ad eventuali contaminazioni derivanti dall’accesso, dall’interconnessione, dallo scarico di materiale e programmi informatici da questo sito.
Pertanto 2stime non sarà tenuta per qualsiasi titolo a rispondere in ordine a danni, perdite, pregiudizi di alcun genere che terzi potranno subire a causa del contatto intervenuto con questo sito, oppure a seguito dell’uso di quanto nello stesso pubblicato così come dei software impiegati.


2stime assumes no responsibility for information and material content, created or published by third parties in any way, with respect to which this site has links. Anyone who decides to visit sites connected through links to the 2stime site puts this behavior into effect under their own exclusive responsibility, also assuming the burden of adopting all necessary measures against the possible presence of viruses or other elements capable of damaging or destroy the contents of the computer of those who access the aforementioned sites connected via links to the 2stime site.

Information received

Any material sent to the 2stime site, by way of example by e-mail or via the World Wide Web pages, will always be considered non-confidential. 2stime therefore will not assume obligations of any kind with respect to such material and will therefore be free without any limit to reproduce it, use it, reveal it, show it, transform it, also to create any works derived from it, and distribute it to third parties. In addition, 2stime will be free to use all the ideas, concepts, know-how or technical knowledge contained in the aforementioned material for any purpose, including, inter alia, the development, production and marketing of products and / or services that contain the material. same. Anyone who sends any material implicitly guarantees to 2stime, that the material itself is publishable and therefore keeps 2stime harmless, from any action, request, claim, request made by third parties in relation to the use by 2stime, of such material.

Law and jurisdiction

These conditions relating to access to the 2stime site are governed by Italian law. Any and all disputes that arise or are in any case connected to the above conditions are the exclusive competence of the Court of Verbania.