FAQ / Wristwatches

Are the Items Brand New and Originals?

All the Items are Brand New and Originals, with 2 Years Warranty

Why some products are shipped in Boxes brande 2S TIME?

Many watches are purchased in "bulk" packs (multiple pieces of the same product shipped in a collective box) to save on shipping costs, in order to keep sales prices low and therefore competitive. “bulk” (più pezzi dello stesso prodotto spediti in un box collettivo) per risparmiare sulle spese di spedizione, al fine di mantenere i prezzi di vendita bassi e quindi concorrenziali.

If I want to buy the watch with the original box, what can I do?

Where available, it can be purchased on the site.

Is it possible to buy at our office?

No, We sell online only

If I don't like the watch I purchased, can I replace it?

Of course, for more information visit the section Returns/Exchange