FAQ / Collectible Toys

Are the Items Brand New and Originals?

All products are new and original, coming from the manufacturing companies or official distributors.

Are the products on sale available?

All products on sale are ready for delivery, except for pre-order products.


How the Funko POP Pre-Orders are handled ?

In the FUNKO PREORDERsection, you will find all the products available for Pre-orders. The products will be offered in the quantities that 2S TIME has actually ordered from FUNKO UK. The payment requested is immediate, for the TOTAL value of the order.

When will I be informed of the actual availability of the products?

When FUNKO communicate to us the actual availability of the Pre-Ordered products, your order will be placed in Processing statusWhen the products are ready to be shipped to the customer, the order status will change from in Processing status to Shipped.

What happens if my Pre-Order is not successful?

2S TIME will refund the full amount paid by the customer within 3 working days of FUNKO UK's confirmation of the unavailability of the products.

How do you behave if you don't want to receive the pre-ordered product anymore?

2S TIME will retain 30% of the amount paid by the customer. The customer will be reimbursed for the remaining 70%.

NOTE: 2STIME is not responsible for any delays with respect to the release dates indicated by the Manufacturer.

What happens if I order an Available product and a Pre-Order product?

In this case the customer can choose whether:

  • receive the Available product and wait for the outcome of the Pre-Order (in this case new shipping costs will be charged for the second sending)
  • wait for the outcome of the Pre-Order and receive the goods in a single shipment

2S TIME rules regarding Funko POP!

Funko POP are a mass produced toy line from the well-known American company. Funko has its own quality control program, designed to ensure that the product they are making meets their corporate standards. As resellers, we always check that the products received are free from defects. Small variations can be detected in the manufacturing processand this may include

  • slight creases or scuff marks on packaging
  • minor paint variations
  • stickers included or not included on boxes etc etc
These are all considered "minor variations" in a mass product.

We will not be replacing or refunding products that have "minor variations. Despite these variations, the products (characters) are still considered by the manufacturing company (Funko), suitable for their purpose: the game or the collection.

All products that have passed the Funko Control / Quality process and have been deemed suitable for retail markets all over the world, can be considered Qualitatively suitable for sale. If you encounter a particular problem with the quality of Funko products, we invite you to contact Funko through their website: www.funko.com.

The reason behind this policy is that what a person considers an "immaculate" or "pristine" POP is a subjective view held by the individual and varies widely from consumer to consumer. We, as resellers, simply have to draw on our collective knowledge and experience of the sector and launch an objective vision on what we believe are products that have a "defect" compared to products that have a "minor variation".

That said, there are some cases in which Funko POPs will be offered for sale with boxes with defects already present originally. Below are the wordings that will be used.

Box Conditions Grade

Grade A = Perfect box. No wording appears in the advertisement

Grade B = Box with small imperfections. The wording will appear in the advertisement Grade B

Grade C = Box with significant dents. The wording will appear in the advertisement Grade C

If during the shipping phase we notice any anomalies in the condition of the box, compared to what is reported on the site, we will notify the customer before processing the order.

What should I do if the package arrives damaged?

Pursuant to art. 63 of the Consumer Code, any damage to the packaging / packaging of the Products must be immediately contested by the Customer, by affixing a written control reserve on the proof of delivery. It means that the recipient of the goods received by the courier, reserves the right to verify the integrity of the goods and that, in the event of damage deriving from transport, the carrier may be required to respond to them.


A) However, we recommend that you always sign with Riserva if there are collectible products inside.

B) Any reports of damaged products must take place WITHIN AND NOT MORE THAN 3 days from the delivery date.

The carrier, in fact, by law is responsible for damage caused to the things to be transported, from the moment it receives them until the moment of delivery. Therefore accepting the goods "with reserve" is the ONLY possibility to be able to open any complaints regarding the reception of damaged (NOT defective) products.

In the event that I do not like or do not like the purchased item, can I replace it?

Of course, for more information visit the section Returns/Exchange